Can They Do It?

By: Scott Robbins

With an average season, barely making the playoffs, and not many expecting them to advance past the first round, the Rangers somehow made it through. And, after tieing up the series after going 2-0 against the Senators, they lost another game with a late goal in regulating and then a goal in overtime that could have easily gone to the Rangers. Plus, the games that they have won were not close in the series against Ottawa, while all 3 games they lost were extremely close, as the Rangers were always in it down to the last second. The Rangers come home for game 6 and face elimination for the first time in the playoffs. I wonder whether they can win 2 games in a row or if they will fail to do so. This reminds me of a situation a few years ago when they overcame a 3-1 game deficit against the Penguins, defying the odds. But, can they do it this time? Then, can they beat the Capitals or Penguins in the next round?  


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