Superbowl 2017

By: Scott Robbins

The Super Bowl: Patriots vs Falcons

This year’s super bowl is one where both teams defied the usual bumps of a regular season to get to the regular season. Not only that, but both teams were able to muster double digit wins and earned byes and both playoff games at home.

The case for the Patriots

Even though Tom Brady missed the first 4 games, Gronkowski, the star tight end for the Patriots got hurt for the season early in the regular season, and Brady being 39 years old, the Patriots still found their way back to the Super Bowl. Wow! How is that?


If you ask me how they won 14 games this season, I would tell you it is their defense, coaching, and future hall of fame quarterback. They had the eighth best defense in the league this year. Defense wins championships, right or many pundits thought. The Broncos 2016, Patriots 2015, the Seahawks 2014, Ravens 2013, I could go on, but it is definitely true in my mind that Super Bowl Championships are obtained with defenses. In my mind, the 3 most important things for a team to win the Super Bowl: A great defense, a quarterback, and a good coach. The Patriots undoubtedly have all that. Arguably, the best quarterback of all time, the 8th best defense in the regular season combined with the best NFL coach if you ask me with a track record to prove it.

Another reason Patriots fans may be thinking their team will win the Super Bowl is because the Falcons defense is a big issue as they finished the regular season 25th in the regular season for total amount of yards given up. If the widely held notion that defense wins championships, how can the Falcons win it with below league average defense? But, then, again, I was someone who didn’t think they could make it to the Super Bowl. So, I’ve been proven wrong this entire season regarding the Falcons. But, the bottom line is if you think defense is the measure of whether teams can win Super Bowls, you probably think the Patriots will win.

The case for the Falcons

On the other hand, there is an unbelievable Falcons team with the most offensive pass yards in the league in the postseason and regular season. They average most of their yards from passing, and the Patriots have a much better rush defense than pass defense. Is this a loophole to the best defense in the league? It could be. The Falcons did have the best offensive pass offense and overall offense in the regular season and postseason. They could possibly score a ton of points on the Patriots defense.

Also, the Falcons are no wild card team with some late lucky run. Like the Patriots, they had a bye in the first round. But, prior to this season, Matt Ryan, the star quarterback who is an MVP candidate, had not won a single playoff game although he has been in the NFL for 8 years. Tom Brady has already won 4 super bowls. So, Matt Ryan is younger, as he is only 31 years, but at the expense of inexperience. Tom Brady is 39 years old and he has more a lot more experience. But, which is better? A younger and more inexperienced quarterback or an older experienced quarterback with 4 Super Bowl victories already?

After analyzing these statistics, here is my conclusion: If the game is low scoring, Tom Brady finishes his career with a Super Bowl Victory. If the Patriots can stop the Falcons defense, they win because the 25th best defense, the Falcons defense isn’t going to lead them to a Super Bowl victory. But, if the game is high scoring, I think the Falcons will win their first ever Super Bowl. The Patriots biggest weapon is their defense and the Falcons biggest reason they are playing in the Super Bowl is because of their formidable offense. If the game is shootout, which is a term that describes two teams who just score constantly and the first team that makes a stop wins, the Falcons win because they had a better defense throughout the course of this year. This is the thing that I think will decide who will hoist the Lombardi trophy.

My opinion is that Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense figures out how to stop the Falcons offense and Tom Brady wins his 6th Super Bowl.
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  • Aniru Thomas:

    Great article! Maybe next year the Carolina Panthers will make it to the Super Bowl!

    • Linda Cesaria:

      Great Article…. Im rooting for the G.O.A.T.

      lets go PATS!!!

      enjoy the game

  • Shelley Blednick (College Counselor):

    I enjoyed reading your article, Scott! I wish a New York team was in the game…

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