Election Field Day Studies 2016

By: Sharia

Since many of us could not vote, we decided to have our own election at MMFS! We created our own candidates using bitmojis and voted by using google form.

Introducing our MMFS caucus winner!
















I really did not like caucusing. I didn’t like how we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. Also because everyone was screaming to get their word out and not taking it seriously. If we ever do this again, we will need more time to prepare, and take turns. It felt cool to support a candidate, because it felt real, it also was really funny in the gym when we were cheering on the candidates we liked. What i learned about election process was that having a good caucus is good because more people will want to vote for you.“- Alexa Ujueta

But we also did a school wide vote for our 2016 Election.


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  • Nerissa:

    Thanks, Sharia, for posting and what a great comment from Alexa!
    This post reminded me of what a great time I had watching the advisories come together during Election Day Field Studies to create fantastic candidates. I saw lots of teamwork, collaboration, and excitement that day in every advisory I observed. It was pretty cool!

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